Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you all had a good holiday season and a good New Years Eve!

I know it's been awhile but it's been a busy month! Last time I posted I showed you all of the gems I found on the side of the road. I worked on a couple of them :

This 4' tall vase was made out of wicker and was very unstable. By putting the adhesive on it for the tiles it made the whole vase solid.  After all the tiles were on and the adhesive was dry, I grouted the vase, and with the help of my friend Simon, we cleaned off and polished the vase with a dremel and a sander. Thanks Simon!

  I turned the swivel table into 3 different tables. Here is the first one I've finished. I bought some mosaic tiles and tumbled marble tiles from Lowes. I bought the legs to add on to the table $10 each at Lowes. Which you can choose from all different styles. I polyurethaned the legs and the table before I did the mosaic and grout. After the adhesive dried I used white sanded grout to stay with the more neutral tones of the table.

For the black table I had made before with the blue and white tiles. I decided against putting the glass on top, instead I used a fiber glass resin on top:

 On December 4th I had my Reveal Party for some of my pieces that I've made already and had a great turn out! I had about 24 people show and I sold about 8 pieces and had a ton of custom orders. The most popular items were the wall pieces:

 This piece is river rocks, pebbles, and a couple heart shaped plaques, with a large mirror in the middle.
This piece was created using vase fillers, broken glass, and acrylic paint. 
 For this piece I used file fasteners as a border and some added aesthetics. After putting those on and broken glass, I swirled some acrylic paint over everything except the mirror.
 For this piece I found these styrofoam fruits at the dollar store I cut them in half and glued them, I then cut a spoon, knife, and fork in half and used them also. I added some gold glitter to hide any excess adhesive around the fruit.
 This piece is basically just blue glass shards, river rocks, and mirrors.
 With this piece I used Christmas ornaments. I had some pink ones for my house that broke and I smashed them even more to give it that glittery girly look. I then added some diamonds, crystal hearts, silver hearts, and some other jewels.
 This is the piece that was "ruined" by putting that yellow epoxy over it. I basically just spray painted over the epoxy with silver paint and used damask duck tape to make a border. 

 This piece is basically different sized neon zip ties in a color pattern.
 For this piece I used small sea shells and blue and green glass with silver glitter to give a sandy/sea glass  feel.
 For this piece I used a piece of bamboo and cut it in half. I used some common oriental colors and ceramic pieces with Chinese writing on them. I finished off with some gold glitter to fill in some of the white areas.
For this piece I smashed a beer bottle and used some drinking coasters I found.

Thanks to all my friends who came out to support my opening as well as all the other customers I had that night! Love you all <3

Here are a few photos from the night!

Flowers from my best friend Savannah! Thank you!

Thanks for reading! I'll make sure the next blog is soon!

<3 Jell xoxo

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