Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Roadside Treasures!

Hey everyone!

Found some gems on the side of the road the other day :

Can't wait to show you all when they're finished!

Besides these pieces I've been working on some wall art:

 What does everyone think? All I'm doing is buying the canvas, spreading the adhesive all over it and placing shards, pieces, and some extra elements (mirrors, paint, vase filler, etc) Once I'm done with that I sprinkle all the tiny pieces of glass and ceramic that's left over from smashing the plates, which gives them a really unique and cool effect. 

I've also been spraying poly over the tops of the finished product. Though I'm looking for some epoxy resin to put over them instead, I prefer the thicker resin. Lowe's and Home Depot sell small kits, not enough to cover a whole piece. So I've been looking online for other methods. I will keep you updated on that. I did ask an employee at Lowe's, which didn't go so well he gave me a can of countertop adhesive which turned my whole piece yellow ( he said that it would dry clear) But he obviously didn't know what he was talking about:

Needless to say, I won't be using that again!

Thanks for reading, tell me what you think! Updates to come!

<3 Jell Lynn

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  1. I love what you found on the side of the road I can't wait to see them all finished! Your wall art looks beautiful I love it! Even though the guy at Lowes didn't know what he was talking about at least if u do any pieces with yellow in it yoy have something to use :)I I love it all keep up the amazing work!!